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All Fogbeam Labs products are based on projects which are community-driven, open-source. We sponsor the development of several projects, all of which are 100% open-source, with most code under the Apache Software License v2 (individual components and/or libraries may be under their own licenses). Our development is not "psuedo open source" or "open source lite" in any way. Our bug database is open to the public, our code is on GitHub where anyone can fork it at anytime, and development discussions are held on public mailing lists (powered by Google Groups) where any member of the community can participate.

Our goal is to develop the most powerful and useful suite of open-source tools, applications, APIs and components for supporting the development of intelligent applications and the construction of an organizational digital nervous system and enabling the real time enterprise. Most other products in this space turn out to be little more than a shallow replacement for, or complement to, email. We have a fanatical focus on using this technology to actually support better decision making, increase organizational collective intelligence, and facilitate collaboration and innovation. For this reason, we can say that our mantra is "Putting the Enterprise in Enterprise Social Network".

Our projects center around the areas of collaboration, social-networking, business intelligence, knowledge management and discovery, organizational learning, information retrieval and decision support.


Fogcutter - Fogcutter is the umbrella project dedicated to collaboration, knowledge management, and information retrieval. Fogcutter encompasses four subprojects:

Neddick is our Open Source Information Discovery Platform. Neddick allows you to consume content via RSS feeds, manual submission, and other APIs and aggregate, discuss, rate, and tag that content, as well as exploring connections between various pieces of content. Neddick builds on the APIs for tagging, ranking and recommending items, to provide a platform for sharing and discovering useful links, documents, people, applications etc. You could think of Neddick as "Reddit for the Enterprise", although that would be an oversimplification. It's more like a sort of cross between reddit, delicious and planet. To see Neddick in action, check out the public Neddick demo server. Coming soon will be a complete visual refresh to the UI, as well as much better recommendations engine, and some powerful text analytics based on Mahout and OpenNLP, to faciliate the exploration and analysis of content which is fed into Neddick. With Neddick you can build a powerful "Technology Radar" to enable better situational awareness within your competitive environment, or build an internal Idea Factory that enables your staff to collaborate on ideas and generate new innovations and synthesize with outside innovations with greater speed and efficacy.
Quoddy is our Open Source Enterprise Social Network (ESN) product. Quoddy builds on the APIs for social-graph management, activity-stream, activity profiling, tagging, etc. and rovides a front-end for managing connections and for letting users provide information about themselves, their interests, etc. You could think of Quoddy as "Facebook for the Enterprise", but that would - again - be radically oversimplifying things. Also, unlike Facebook, there is no silly Pirates vs. Ninjas or Farmville stuff here. Quoddy is distinguished from similar products from Jive Software, Yammer and others, by our strong focus on tying "social" into actual value-creating business processes and workflows. Quoddy streams (your "wall" in Facebook terms) can feature relevant business events, workflow tasks, calendar events, documents, and interactive applications - and provide important context around these items. When looking at a business event, Quoddy can show you relevant people, documents, blog posts, news stories, and other items which are relevant to the current event. Essentially, Quoddy uses "social" to actually complement your firm's collective intelligence and to support decision making.
Heceta is a search engine that leverages all of the various bits of information from Neddick, Quoddy, and "TBD" to provide better / deeper / more insightful search results than you can get from simple document content analysis. Intranet search in organizations is usually very poor, largely because page-rank type algorithms don't work well due to the lack of links between documents. But by supplementing the content analysis with scoring based on tags, social graph connections, activity-stream information, etc., and applying machine-learning / artificial-intelligence techniques Heceta can do a superior job of locating the knowledge and information a user needs. This approach is sometimes referred to as Social Search, meaning Heceta is "Social Search for the Enterprise".
Hatteras is our Business Events Subscription Engine and works along with Quoddy to consume business events from your SOA environment via an ESB, and route those events to the users who have subscribed to them. With Quoddy + Hatteras you can subscribe to, for example "All RFQ events that enter the Sales Force Automation system" or "Modified Customer Records for the West Region from the CRM system". Subscribe to the events that affect your job and which you need to respond to, find correlated events, and connected documents, record, people and applications, using Quoddy + Hatteras, and never again worry about missing a critical event and failing to give it the attention it deserves.